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The Belgian artist-photographer Wim Tellier, known for the first art exhibition on Antarctica (protect 7-7, 2009), “We Drift” floating photos in Antwerp (2013), 
crab on the beach of Ostend (2015) now has a new and unique project, a seemingly floating swimming pool. 

Wim Tellier himself rather calls it a separate art object that blends in with its environment.

The showpiece of your garden

The construction is 2.5 m wide and varies from a length of 5 meters to a length of 30 meters with a water height of 1.10 meters. 
Deep enough for diving but also for standing.

The long side is finished as standard with a mirror of 1.20 meters high and x number of meters long. The mirror extends 2.5m on one end so that you cannot see the pool pool itself from that angle. It seems that you are looking at a large mirror in the garden. 
Inside there are mirrors on the two inner ends that provide heating,

The filter system ensures continuously clean and pleasant water. The sand filter is filled with sand pearls and ensures that the dirt such as insects, hairs, etc. is removed from the water.

Enjoying your own pool? It's possible!

Customize your

We have 4 standard colors liner: 

You can also personalize your own pool by using the custom color liner. You create your own color, printing thousands of identical photos in super small format that together result in a unique color! A concept that Wim Tellier already applied for Ferrari, among others.

P4800501 (1).jpg

Installation & delivery

  • The installation will  be done by our specialized team. 

  • The surface must be flat and solid.

  • 6 to 8 weeks delivery time


  • Extra mirrors

  • Automatic water purification system

  • Heat pump

  • Personalized liner and therefore also your own original, non-existing color (create your own color with your favorite photo)

  • Standard pool cover or a cover in custom color

Price on request

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